Acid or Blood CD


10 tracks 43 minutes. All hail the triumphant return of Racebannon! Brutal, shredding album so intense it may cause your speakers to spray blood. Towels not included.

With a distinctly Midwestern work ethic, and an absolute refusal to bow down to the forces of status quo, adversity, or inferior riffage, Racebannon emerges a rawer, meaner, leaner killing machine, hell-bent on blowing out the ears and minds of listeners strong enough to stand the audioerradication. Acid Or Blood blasts raw and ruthless molten fury from the Cannon: Bannon into the unsuspecting heads of the musical elite worldwide, and shifts perceptions of what is "heavy," "cerebral," or "arty." The core creative nucleus of Racebannon has remained unchanged, but the music has become deadlier and more destructive. No wimping out, no breakdowns and no keyboards: just pure, unbridled aggression channeled through amplification, voice box, and drum set.

Track listing:
01. Translucent Lifeforce
02. Sister Fucker
03. The Hard Way
04. Awaken
05. Vampyric Solution
06. Candida & Parasites
07. The Killer
08. Terror & Dread
09. Bella Ciao
10. Bad Case Of...
33. (Hidden Track) Motherland Remix
Total Running Time: 45:13 mins

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RACEBANNON Bloomington, Indiana

"...masters of reinvention and one of the noise genre's most unpredictable sonic architects..." - Decibel Magazine

"Racebannon claw through avant-hardcore like a pack of rabid mice through cheese-flavored poison, sputtering and cranking the guitars, sound-effects and thunderous white noise..." - Alternative Press
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